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Our goal with FAQ is to help you get the details. If we are missing something, we would love to know so always feel free to send us an email via our Contact Page.

Q. How do I rent items?
A. Choose the items you want and then select a delivery date, wait for your confirmation email and relax.

Q. How does delivery work?
A. Once you have ordered, the confirmation email will include details about your delivery.
We will need to know the time of delivery and coordinate the actual delivery to your location.
Delivery charges are completed once we have the details. The standard fee is $20.00
Large items such as Gazebos have flat fee charge depending which city in the Riviera Maya you are hosting your wedding.

Q. If I order small items how are they delivered?
A. We have a very discreet top secret method of getting you the rental items you need.
Your confirmation email will outline the method.

Q. If I order a Gazebo do you install it?
A. Yes, we handle your installation. To do so we require access to the location a minimum of 2 hours prior to the ceremony time.

Q. Do you have a rental contract?
A. Yes we do, before you pay for your rental or purchase order you will be prompted to agree to our terms. The appropriate agreement will be on display for your purchase.

Q. Do you sell or rent decor?
A. We do both. We rent a variety of items, these items can be identified with the notation in the description.

Q. What currency is your website?
A. We operate on the US dollar. If you are a Canadian citizen looking to order we can accommodate, please contact us